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Wojak is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier.

Wojak is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier.

Buy/Transfer Fees = 5%
– 2% Liquidity
– 1% Rewards Wallet
– 1% Marketing Wallet
– 1% Reflection

Sell Fees = 7%
– 3% Liquidity
– 2% Rewards Wallet
– 1% Marketing Wallet
– 1% Reflection

Hyper-Deflationary Token

  • As it is a deflationary token, the value will gradually increase based on the number of transactions made.
  • Therefore, the more Wojak tokens users hold and donate, the more reward they can expect.

Audited & Secure

  • Contract ownership transferred to the burn address – no rugs here!
  • Verified Contract and fully audited by NEBULA!

WOJ Governance

  • In the future, instead of sending funds manually, we plan to automate it, and WOJ Governance will be used for it
  • Our long term goal is to become a completely Decentralized Autonomous Organization through WOJ Governance

New WOJAK app

  • Total rewards per wallet
  • The Amount of $WOJ tokens burned in realtime
  • LP and MC ratio in realtime
  • CoinGecko Stats
  • Buy Now Links
  • Wallet QR code
  • Complete Social List
  • News and updates
  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds



We are proud of our shared vision, which was created by and for the people. We support each other and other groups when having a good time.


We openly exchange information with the public. We’re well-organized, well-coordinated, and we’re all pulling in the same direction.


The future is upon us, and we are prepared. We weigh the consequences of any action we make, and we are dedicated to a long-term strategy.

Tokenomics TOKEN

Note: Use 16% slippage when swapping on Pancake Swap. If you are having issues, please check our How To Buy section

Contract Address
Token Name


Token Network

Binance Smart Chain

Emission Rate

No new tokens will be created

Soft cap


Hard cap


Finalization time

Minutes after hard cap has been reached

  • 00 Days
  • 00 Hours
  • 00 Minutes
  • 00 Seconds

Token Distribution

  • Seed 2%
  • Pre-sale Phase1 1 10%
  • Pre-sale Phase 2 8%
  • Team 3%
  • Marketing/PR 5%
  • Advisors 2%
  • Reward & discount pool 8.5%
  • Liquidity Pool 1.5%
  • Burning Pool 50%
  • Infrastructure/Development 8%
  • Help/Relief Pool 2%

Funds Allocation

  • Business Development 60%
  • Liquiduity 11%
  • Marketing & PR 29%


Soon, we have another exciting news for our investors that we will launch our own swap like pancake swap called WojakSwap.

Phase 1 Project Ideation

Token creation Litepaper Creation Form Core Team Smart Contract Audi

Phase 2 Website launch (woj.finance)

Token launch The official launch of our telegram bot Creating a free online course on Risk management Releasing our White paper

Phase 3 BSCScan token profile verification

Listing WOJ on Coingecko and Coinmarket cap Listing on wallets like Trust Wallet Development of WOJ NFTs Expanding the ecosystem to Polygon and Ethereum networks Development of WOJ Bridge

Phase 4 Development of Wojak Finance Blog-woj.blog

Transforming into a DAO - WOJ Governance Launching our open-source online learning platform Launch our new subscription based educational platform Official Launch of WOJ NFTs for distributing rewards Build social media and build a social media management team.

Phase 5 Expansion

Develop bridge protocol Expand to ETH/MATIC and others Create Smart DeFi token launcher Create Token/LP locker Create and host cross-token volume war multi-tier tournaments

Next Burning Will be After

5000 Transactions

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of WOJ Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

The $WOJ token is a charity token, based on the BEP20 standard. Using $WOJ tokens the holders can enjoy multiple benefits within our wojak finance ecosystem, as it may be used as the governance token in the future.

$WOJ tokens are listed only in PancakeSwap at the moment and you can buy it using this link. Buy on PancakeSwap

Wojak is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier. The soldier has become so globally popular that his bland face is used in an infinite number of modifications such as memes, films or drawings. As a form of an artistic expression, he is the perfect candidate for a Token representing all the values and feelings of the world of crypto trading.

Of course, you can see the complete report of the smart contract audit here. Audit Report

You can submit your application via our Telegram Bot. Also you can directly send your request to applications@woj.finance.

The smart contract address of $WOJ is 0x55f96c7005d7c684a65ee653b07b5fe1507c56ab. You can find the verified smart contract of the $WOJ token here on . bscscan.

You will need to add the token manually. Follow these steps; – In trust wallet, click on the setting icon in the top right corner. – Copy this contract address “0x55f96c7005d7c684a65ee653b07b5fe1507c56ab“ and paste it in the “Search tokens” bar. – The token details should populate once it’s found. Click on the “Toggle switch” to add this to your dashboard, then click on “Add Custom Token”. If you are still experiencing issues contact us for assistance.

Once we receive your application, our community members can access the applications. They can donate to you if they wish to. Also in the future, we will automate the whole process via Governance.

Yes. There are some rules imposed on each applicant. – The applicant who receives payment can’t ask for compensation for at least two months. – And the applicant is not supposed to trade for at least three months. – Should dedicate some time learning trading and practising risk management.


Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.