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Invest On Your Near Future

Wojak is a breakthrough and a guaranteed investment in the cryptocurrency market. Buy Wojak, enjoy the benefits and think of a dream life.




It refers to the fact that anybody may donate billions of dollars without seeking permission (No KYC, infinite TXs)

Compensation for Risks

No two-factor authentication, no complicated passwords, no hassles!
By maintaining complete control over your money, you get much greater security than CEXs.


In Wojak, the community gets a significant portion of transaction fees, and by referring others, they earn even more.

Air Drop



Many believe in luck and many believe that opportunities should be seized. In any case, it does not matter. Wojak provides you with the conditions that you can use AirDrop for free. Just subscribe to the Telegram AirDrop robot to receive 500 Wojak tokens for free.

We believe that in the first phase of the project, the price of Woj Token will reach one dollar and you will have $ 500 free. Of course, we are confident that those who use our AirDrop today will be Wojak buyers and customers after the price rises. So do not miss the opportunity.

Road Map


Contrary to many people’s beliefs, Woj is here to stay. You can follow our development plan to make sure Wojak is a future token.

Phase 1

The Birth of a Star
1. Token Creation
2. Litepaper Creation
3. Team Arrangement
4. Smart Contract Audit

Phase 2

The Shine of a Star
1. Token Launch
2. Telegram Bot Launch
3. Providing Free Risk Management Course
4. White Paper Release

Phase 3

Bright Star
1. Listing on Coingecko & CMC
2. . Listing on Wallets Like Trust Wallet
3. NFT Developments
4. Expanding the Eco-System
5. Woj Bridge

Phase 4

Wojak Planet
1. Transforming into a DAO
2. . Launching our open-source online learning platform
3. Launch our new subscription-based educational platform
4. Official Launch of WOJ NFTs for distributing rewards
5. Build a Social Media Management team

Phase 5

Wojak Galaxy
1. Develop bridge protocol
2. . Launching our open-source online learning platform
3. Create Token/LP locker
4. Create and host cross-token volume war multi-tier tournaments

Follow Wojak in the Media

Follow Wojak in the Media

Wojak is recognized as the premier currency by the world’s largest financial and cryptocurrency media.

New WOJAK app

New WOJAK app

Wojak App is an all-in-one and feature-rich application for all devices. According to the app’s creators, Wojak Developers will reveal the Android version shortly, and the iOS version will be launched soon. However, in the next section, we will discuss some of the application’s features and advantages

1. Instant pricing review

inside the program, it makes no difference what digital currency assets you own; what matters is that you can access all of them via the Wojak application. This implies that you may immediately view the full value of your assets, the total value of your earnings, the total value of your losses, and the effective points in the growth and decline of your assets. This will assist you in maintaining an overview of your assets and adjusting your purchasing and selling strategy as necessary.

2. Get immediate access to the chart

One of the primary worries of individuals in the Crypto market is concurrent access to their charts and assets. You may view the chart directly from the Wojak application’s assets area. Indeed, the optimal strategy for those trading and profiting from market swings is to access both the market and their assets.

3. Useful data from the Crypto industry

We are all in situations when a little warning or a simple alert on our phone might help us prevent significant losses. One of the most outstanding features of the Wojak app is that you may get all market alerts without having to worry. Additionally, you may get inventory balances, growth rates, market liquidity percentages, and many others concurrently.


Below we’ve provided a bit of WOJ Token, cryptocurrencies, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below.

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$WOJ tokens are listed only in PancakeSwap at the moment and you can buy it using this link. Buy on PancakeSwap

Wojak is one of the most recognizable memic characters in the crypto world, named after the Polish word for soldier. The soldier has become so globally popular that his bland face is used in an infinite number of modifications such as memes, films or drawings. As a form of an artistic expression, he is the perfect candidate for a Token representing all the values and feelings of the world of crypto trading.

Of course, you can see the complete report of the smart contract audit here. Audit Report

You can submit your application via our Telegram Bot. Also you can directly send your request to applications@woj.finance.

The smart contract address of $WOJ is 0x62dd11e6a799eca6664827d2417c31dd7278b1c2. You can find the verified smart contract of the $WOJ token here on . bscscan.

You will need to add the token manually. Follow these steps; – In trust wallet, click on the setting icon in the top right corner. – Copy this contract address “0x62dd11e6a799eca6664827d2417c31dd7278b1c2“ and paste it in the “Search tokens” bar. – The token details should populate once it’s found. Click on the “Toggle switch” to add this to your dashboard, then click on “Add Custom Token”. If you are still experiencing issues contact us for assistance.

Once we receive your application, our community members can access the applications. They can donate to you if they wish to. Also in the future, we will automate the whole process via Governance.

Yes. There are some rules imposed on each applicant. – The applicant who receives payment can’t ask for compensation for at least two months. – And the applicant is not supposed to trade for at least three months. – Should dedicate some time learning trading and practising risk management.

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